Series UBM 0.1 - 500 Nm

Fatigue Strength Testing on Constant Rotating Rods in accordance with DIN 50 113. Table unit for rotating bending tests with constant bending moment of 0.1 - 20 Nm, 0.5 - 60 Nm, 5 - 200 Nm, 10 - 500 Nm. For testing at ambient temperature up to 1000 °C.

Rotary Bending Testing Machines

System with Oil-Lubrication and cooling system for the bearings and the collet clamping system providing longest trouble free testing at ambient or high temperatures. Available in connection with high temperature furnace designed for the installation into the rotating bending machine. 
Collet-Clamping System Series ER 25 and Series ER 32:
with high T.I.R. accuracy over the entire clamping range made from special hardened spring steel for increased durability and tool life. For clamping capacity of Ø 1 - 16 (ER 25) and Ø 1 - 20 mm (ER 32). 
Collet-Clamping System Series F48:
with clamping capacity of Ø 1 to 42 mm, ◊ 2 to 30 mm or    hexagonal 2 to 36 mm. The collets are available with plain or profiled bore or optionally available serrated (round and longitudinal grooves), or with special grooves. 


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