LFM-L Series Low Capacity Single Column Axial / Torsional Test System

Our LFM-L single column machines can be equipped with the add-on torsion drive to convert the machine from axial-only to a biaxial test system.
With a maximum axial force up to 25 kN and torque to 200 Nm this system is well suited for low-capacity materials and component testing.
Typical application includes testing of biomaterials and components, medical devices, automotive parts as well as consumer products.
The system is modular designed with two frame sizes so that the force and torque capacity can be selected application oriented.
Frame Size LFM-L 10 for axial forces up to 10 kN and torque moments up to 60 Nm
Frame Size LFM-L 25 for axial forces up to 25 kN and torque moments up to 200 Nm

This axial-torsional systems provide the following test possibilities

  • Static Axial (Tension & Compression) Test Possibility
  • Static Torsion Test Possibility
  • Multi-axis (axial / torsional) Independent Control Possibility
  • Multi-Axis (axial / torsional) Dependant Control Possibility

Typical Test Standards

  • ASTM F543
  • ISO 80369
  • ISO 11040-4
  • ISO 11608-2
  • ISO 10964
  • ASTM D7860
  • ISO 7800
  • ASTM A938
  • And others


  • Selectable Force & Torque Capacity to match your requirements
  • Modular design allows to upgrade machines from axial to biaxial capability at any time
  • 24 Bit high-resolution analogue-digital conversion for force and torque signals (transducer).
  • Digital crosshead and torque angle measurement system
  • Unlimited torsional rotations with force-torque transducer mounted on lower base plate
  • Both axial and torsional drive controlled by a brush-less high responsive and maintenance-free AC serovomotor providing fast starts and stops, best control and highest accuracy at low noise level.
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