High Force Testing Systems

High-Force Mechanical Testing is critical for the determination of the mechanical properties of materials as well as the performance and durability of large components, sub-assemblies or finished goods.

Walter+Bai AG Testing Machines have a long history in design and manufacture of standardised to custom manufactured high-rate tests system. To meet specific customer requirements the spectrum of high-force testing systems range from static testing machines for the determination of the mechanical properties to dynamic tests systems.

Typical applications includes Testing of Metals as sheet, plate, bar, cables or chain Civil components as reinforced concrete, columns, beams, rebar or bearings, Fastener Testing, Aerospace components as sub-structures, Rails structures and components, Marine structures and components High Force Test Systems for components testing and dynamic applications, often are custom optimized engineered to meet the full spectrum of customers testing demands.

Due to the extensive know-how in development and production as well as the modular design of our material testing systems, w+b meets even the most extreme and challenging high-force materials, component or sub-assembly testing needs. Most high-force test systems include high-stiff load frame, accurate load cell, high resolution digital control system for servocontrols and hydraulic power supply.
Static and dynamic rated grips and fixtures are available or can be custom engineered.

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