Up to 1100°C Three-Zone Split Furnaces

Series: HTO 08 & 19 & 37 & STE-FM

These three-zone split high temperature resistance furnaces are designed for materials testing in air. The double-walled design reduces the outer wall temperature through convective-cooling. This furnace is well suited for high temperature tension, compression, cyclic fatigue testing and fracture mechanics testing. The Version 08 provides 300 mm heated zone length whereas version 37 is with extended heating zone length of 360 mm and version 19 is with heated zone length of 200 mm optimized for Low Cycle Fatigue (LCF) applications in combination with high temperature LCF Grips Series HTG.

The furnace work with low voltage and high current archived by an transformer. The lower voltage on the heating elements extends the life-time of the furnace system considerable compared with those working with high voltage.

Key Features

  • Split construction design providing fast and easy sample loading.
  • Durable embedded horizontal heating elements colis
  • The furnace bore has been optimized to suit a wide range of adapters and test fixtures without encouraging excessive thermal losses
  • The furnace is well isolated by a light-weight asbestos-free material for minimum power consumption
  • Furnace case made of stainless steel
  • All electric connections including heat current are pluggable at the controller
  • Front cut-out provides access of side-entry high-temperature extensometers
  • Three independent heating zones provide an uniform temperature gradient
  • Accurate closed-loop temperature control in combination with Eurotherm temperature controller
  • RS485 Interface
  • Selectable PID settings for lower and higher temperature range providing the best control behave
  • Progammable heating rates with possibility to slow down the temperature ramp close to the end-temperature to avoid any temperature overshooting.
  • Five Feedthrough for additional thermocouples
  • Three feedthrough in the centre of each heating zone
  • Slidable Thermocouple arrangement optionally available for temeperature
  • Adjustable stainless steel latches for easy locking of the furnace acquisition during testing.
  • Top and bottom end plates are optimized to the pull rods
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