Up to 1400° One to Three-Zone Split Short High Furnaces

Series: STE Version 21xx

These single-to-three-zone high temperature resistance furnaces are designed for a wide variety of high-temperature tests including Low Cycle Fatigue, Tension, Compression and Fatigue Testing of metals, composites, ceramics and others.
The furnaces allow the use of very short specimen grips / pull rods that reduce the load string costs and improves the alignment.
The clamshell design allows the operator to work from the front providing convenient working.

The high quality robust construction, featuring a stainless steel case with optional provision for side entry extensometry or window for optical measurement devices.

The short design of the furnace might allow to hold the specimens outside of the furnace that might simplify testing as only the specimen is heated.
This furnace is also suitable to accommodate tension-compression grips for LCF Testing. The short design improves the specimen alignment.

The furnace is heated by Silicon Carbide Element(s), these being backed by high efficiency insulation. Various removable insulation packs are available to suit specific specimen geometry (interchangeable).

The temperature control system features one, two or three independent Eurotherm controller(s). An independent over temperature alarm is also included.

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