Up to 1540°C Three-Zone Split Furnaces

Series: STE 3420

These single-zone silicon carbide split high temperature resistance furnaces are designed for materials testing in air. The design of this furnaces incorporate silicon carbide (SiC) rammed rod type heating elements which are superior, long-lasting elements owing to their slow aging characteristics, high density, increased strength, and ease of replacement. Further construction features include low K-factor vacuum-cast ceramic fibre insulation for rigid structure and superior energy retention and a durable stainless steel shell and end flanges.

This series of high temperature furnaces is available in a numbers of sizes and can be made to custom sizes. The furnace can also be supplied with additional heating zones and optional accessories as viewports, gas-tight retorts a.s.o is available.

This furnaces work at low voltage and high current, requiring a transformer and current-limiting device in the control system.

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