Corrosion Testing Systems

w+b possesses significant know-how in the systems for corrosion-resistance studies of materials and can offer suitable solutions to simulate corrosion including Sulphide Stress Corrosion Cracking (SSCC), Chloride Stress Corrosion Tests, Controlled-Corrosion Tests, Simulation of Salt environment and others.
The mechanical properties of metals can be adversely affected when the material is exposed to a corrosive environment while being simultaneously stressed. Even in mildly corrosive environments, the consequences can be unexpected and serious.
Aggressive liquid mediums such as acid and basic solutions (e.g. NaCl, H2SO4, KOH, NaOH) in an electrolytic cell are used for the controlled-corrosion materials testing. Such tests are focused on electrochemical corrosion studies in terms of crack growth rates and strength properties of materials.
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