Servohydraulic Torsional Tesing Systems Series LFV-T

Walter+Bai AG Testing Machines supplies servohydraulic Torsional Test Systems for static to dynamic (fatigue) torsion testing to determine the mechanical properties of engineering components and testing of full-size parts as shafts, axles, twist drills couplings, clutches or drive line components for the Oil,- and Gas Industry, Steam & Diesel Engines, Gas Turbines, for Wind Turbines, Shipbuilding / Marine Industry or for calibration purpose of torque transducers.
16 kNm Fatigue Rated, Dynamic Torque Test Systems to Test Dampers and Anti-Vibration Mounts
The LFV-16000-T tests system is designed to test torque dampers and anti-vibration elements up to 16 kNm.
The test system incorporates a torque-generating, high-performance torsional cylinder with hydrostatically
supported, balanced double-vane rotor design ensuring zero actuator backlash during revers testing and is well suited for high speeds. Mounted on opposite side is a high precise, dynamic rated torque transducer for accurate torque measurement. The distance between the mounting flanges can be adjusted by pressing forward / backward buttons and the touch screen panel. To simulate a wide temperature range, the test system is equipped with a Environmental Chamber Series ET providing low temperature testing down to -70°C without LN2/CO2 and elevated temperatures up to 280°C.
The ET features cooling without LN2/CO2 through hermetic refrigeration compressor (CFC-fluorocarbon-free). The Environmental Chamber is mounted on rails and can be withdrawn to the rear side when not needed.

Dynamic Dual 80000 Nm & 12000 Nm Test Stand
for testing Naval industry / Marine components as Couplings, Clutches and Joint Shaft Couplings

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