Hydraulic Collet Grips for Fatigue Testing of Round Specimens Series HCG

The HCG Hydraulic Collet Grips are the best solution for fatigue testing of round smooth shank specimen. They are well suited for any kind of fatigue testing including LCF, TMF, force controlled constant amplitude axial fatigue test according to ASTM E446, ISO 1099 or EN 6072 and constant amplitude strain controlled axial fatigue tests according to ISO 12106, BS 7270 and others.
This hydraulically actuated grips hold a specimen during testing with a constant gripping force regardless of the applied axial test force. The short and stiff grip design minimize lateral movement and provides superb alignment and repeatability that minimize the introduced bending strain that can invalidate your test results.

These grips permit an easy sample loading into to collet inserts.

The grips are accurate machined with main parts polished.

The amount of bending strain in the specimen is beside of the gripping methods also affected by the specimen design. Better alignment can be achieved using smooth ended specimen as threaded specimens generally give poorer alignment with equally poorer reproducibility. Further as there are no threads or button ends to be machined the specimen preparation is less expensive.

These grips can be mounted on hydraulic or non-hydraulic static testing machines and dynamic rated systems.

Each grip has two hydraulic ports for the fluid, one for opening of the grip and one for closing / clamping.
The hydraulic supply can be either from an existing hydraulic source or via stand-alone or in the machine integrated hydraulic pump and valve assembly. In combination with extension rods and high-temperature hydraulic fluid the grips can be mounted in environmental chambers.

The grips are nickel plated, wear and corrosion resistant.
These Grips are produced up to 400 kN capacity. Built for years of trouble-free testing at its full rating!

Key Features

  • Providing constant, lateral gripping force

  • Superior alignment

  • Stiff and short construction

  • Easy specimen loading

  • Quick changing of collets

  • Inexpensive specimen production

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