UTM Servohydraulic Machines up to 3000 kN

In ergonomic dual-test-space design allowing, tension, compression and bending tests to be performed without the need of fixtures
removal from a load frame.

Key Features
  • Rigid 4-column construction
  • For tensile tests in upper test space
  • For compression/bending tests in upper test space
  • Two spindles for test space adjustments hrough positioning of lower crosshead
  • Chrome plated columns for easy cleaning and longest life
  • Anti-rotation system for the actuator
  • Piston stroke limit-switch
  • With integrated precision electronic oad cell for direct force measurement
  • With high resolution digital displacment transducer
  • Including hardened compression plates in the lower test space
  • Including bending testing device, which needs to be mounted on to the lower test space
  • Available Extra Height Tension space for strand tests
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