1000 bar Electromechanical Burst Tester according to ASTM B353

1000 bar Electromechanical Closed Loop Burst Tester specially designed to test seamless and welded wrought zirconium and zirconium-alloy tubes and end cap welds for nuclear application according to ASTM B353.
The electromechanical pressurization unit is integrated in the lower part of a 19" cabinet which includes also a small hydraulic pump with tank to fill the tubing and the pressurizing cylinders with the test liquid; oil with low viscosity or water.
The pressurizing piston is driven into the cylinder with leakage free seals through a ball screw drive with backlash free reduction gear and DC-Servomotor for the perfect closed Loop Control.
With accurate pressure and volume-change measurement
With high resolution digital controller and specialized DION7 application software for burst testing allows the free test programming according ASTM B 353.
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