Modernization of Electromechanical Testing Machines

Almost all electromechanical testing machines, regardless of make, can be modernized provided when the machines spindles and their bearings are still in good condition and fully functional. Our modernization of electromechanical test systems includes replacing the outdated controls with state-of-the-art w+b digital controller and PC running Dion7 Test Software. If necessary, we renew the drive with energy and performance-efficient AC servomotor with reduction gearbox.

You can continue to use the existing accessories like grips & fixtures, load cell(s), extensometer, and other tools. If you want to expand the functionality of your test system, our extensive range of accessories is available for integration into your testing machine.

Different levels of modernization

We have developed various modernization levels and options designed to meet your budged and testing tasks.

You can improve the performance of your test system and increase the productivity of your laboratory in a cost-effective way.

Our modernization with the most modern control electronics and testing software will upgrade your electromechanical test system to the latest testing technology.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Extend the service life of your test system based on the latest test technology.
  • Upgrade your system performance & functionality
  • Minimize downtime by replacing worn components and electronics
  • Secure the availability of spare parts
  • Use your existing accessories or extend the functionality with additional accessories if needed.
  • Work again with the latest Windows operating system
  • Assures you use the latest test software that comply with the latest version of test standards.
  • Gain back software update safety When installing our PCS8000 digital control and measurement electronics with the Dion7 application software it will provide more repeatability, greater efficiency, less operator error, and best high-speed closed loop control.
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