Hydraulic Power Units PAC & PAR Series up to 75 l/min. Flow Rates

The high-quality power supply units with flow rates up to 75 l/min. are commonly required to supply hydraulic oil to our servohydraulic testing machines, linear or rotary actuators and other test systems. These standardized HPUs are available either as 280 bar or 230 bar operating pressure units with different oil flows.
According to your testing and site condition requirements you can select between our PAR or PAC series.
  • The PAR-range of hydraulic power supplies offers high hydraulic and electrical efficiency with infinitely variable flow control through variable displacement pump system with additional essential features.
  • The PAC-range of hydraulic power supplies are equipped with high-pressure internal gear pump providing constant oil supply and operates at a continuous (adjustable) pressure. These pumps are versatile, providing a very high overall efficiency, have very good pulsation behaviour and operate at low noise emission. Internal gear pumps further have a straightforward and rugged construction that guarantees long service life without the need of extensive maintenance.

All our Hydraulic Power Units /HPUs) are compatible with our servohydraulic dynamic and fatigue testing systems and servohydraulic components for component testing and load simulation. These Hydraulic Power Packs contain a number of essential standard features that makes these units tailor-made for the challenging requirements of servohydraulic test systems working with high responsive servo valves.  

  • Long-life and low noise internal gear pump
  • Oil tank with vertical mounted motor-pump group
  • High Energy Efficient motors comply with European Standard IEC 60034-30-1 with Premium Efficiency IE3 level.
  • High-pressure inline filter with clogged filter indication
  • Long oil change & filter element intervals
  • Compensation of pressure losses
  • Designed for serviceability and safe operation
  • Pump protected against over-pressure through pressure limiter valves. One fixed to protect system over-pressure one adjustable
  • Oil-Tank with cleaning cover for easy servicing
  • Damping ring between motor and pump top separate of structure-borne noise between drive unit and tank
  • Totally enclosed and noise-isolated version
  • Air fan on the rear side of the power pack to avoid high air temperature inside the power pack
  • Electric pressure indicator for safety mode in case of failure of a hose, pipe etc.
  • Max. oil temp. protection (shut down of the system)
  • Adjustable minimum oil level indication (shut down of system)
  • Oil pressure manometer on front panel
  • Oil temperature indication on front panel
  • Motor power indication with electrical safety mode
  • Hour meter
  • Fluid level gage
  • Filler
  • Remote turn on/off control of hydraulic through testing software
  • To lower the power consumption and to safe operating expenses the power pack includes a pressure control valve which allows to lower the system pressure (if the maximum force is not needed). Therefore, the power consumption will be less. A pressure manometer will indicate the adjusted pressure.
  • Including oil water heat exchanger (cooler) to be connected to the cooling water supply (alternative re-cooler/chiller)
  • Thermostatically operated water valve for minimum cooling-water consumption
  • Meets ISO 4413:10 (Hydraulic fluid power - General rules and safety requirements for systems and their components and the European directive 2006/42/EC for machinery safety
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