1500°C High Temperature Bend Test Fixture with Deflection Measuring System Series PMA-06

The PMA-06 water cooled fixture is used for exact deflection and strain measurement during flexural and compression tests of Ceramics and Ceramic Based Materials.
The application range includes
  • Specimen Deflection Measurement of Ceramic Specimen during 3- or 4-Point Flexural Test
  • Specimen Compressive Strain Measurement of Ceramic and Ceramic Based Specimen during Compression Test

This unique deflection measuring system is available in two versions

Manual Actuated Version
The unit features an adjustment wheel for simple feeler arms movement to the measuring surface (for example specimen) with recognition of contact. Once the adequate contact force has been generated the green light will show the unit is ready for measurement.

Motorized Version
The unit features a plug-in module for stylus approach control to the surface of the specimen with automatic recognition of contact with the specimen and with automatic stopping when adequate contact force has been generated at the specimen.

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