Fracture Mechanics Clevis Grips

The range of Mechanical Clevis Grips are designed for static and fatigue fracture testing of Compact Tension (CT), Disk Compact Tension (DCT, Arc Tension (AT, WOL, Centre-Cracked or Edge-Cracked specimens.
Available are Compact Tension Fixtures designed in accordance with ASTM E399, E1290, E647 & E1820.
We are offering the fully range of different sizes with imperial as well as metric dimensions made from different materials for different test temperatures. All Clevis Grips are made with D-shaped pinhole and are supplied with pins and spring retainers.

All necessary attachments for the test systems and pre-loading fittings are also be provided.
The correct Clevis Grip for your Test Temperature Our Clevis Grips are available produced from different materials for different test temperatures.
Our production includes clevis grips made from Maraging C300/350, Inconel 718, MAR M247 as well as made from materials for very low temperature testing and testing at ultra-high temperatures under vacuum or inert gas.

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