Universal Flexural Testing Machines with Extra Wide Bending Table Series B - S 50 - 200 kN

The B-S universal flexural (bending) testing machines are well suited for testing of long specimens as concrete beam, pile, prism, railway sleepers as well as wooden / timber specimens and structures.
With appropriate accessories the machine can also perform compression, tensile, shear and other tests on a variety of materials.
These machines are robust and versatile static testing machines tailored for accurate and repeatable testing.
The D-S series features reliable w+b servo-controlled hydraulic actuation with high-resolution & high-speed digital closed loop control and latest software platform. These test systems include everything to comply with the requirements of building and other materials
testing and includes specific technical features as double acting actuator with closed coupled high-responsive servovalve and highspeed digital controller making these systems the perfect solution for many applications including those who requires strain-controlled
closed-loop testing.
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