Hydraulic Wedge Grips for the use in Environmental Chambers Series WG-AT 100 or 250

These grips are designed to be used over a wide range of temperatures inside an environmental chamber and are available for tensile forces of 100 kN or 250 kN.
These grips are available for temperatures of -70°C to +350°C or -170°C to +350°C.
Customer versions with increased temperature ranges of 500°C and 700°C can also be supplied.

The wedge design provides productive tensile testing and quick and easy interchanging between different jaw faces.

The wedge inserts move when applying initial gripping force to sample.

The chamber should have the removable wedge option (U-plugs) in order the chamber can be installed after the grips are installed.

These all-temperature grips have an extension piston and cylinder that extends together with the wedge body into the environmental chamber while the hydraulic chamber with its hydraulic connection fittings and hoses remains outside of the chamber. The hydraulic chamber has water cooling connections.

The length of the extension piston and cylinder are supplied in accordance with the requirements of the minimum and maximum grip separation
and used environmental chamber.

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