LFV-L Multipurpose Dynamic & Fatigue Systems up to 50 kN

The LFV-L servohydraulic Table Top series are ideal for testing of Biomedical or Advanced Materials. This series is well suited for monotonic
(static) tension, compression, bend, shear, fracture toughness and durability & fatigue tests including fatigue crack growth testing.
The fatigue rated actuator is double acting and double ended with equal area and features Hydrostatic 4-Pocket Bearings for the best friction free static and dynamic performance with nearly service-free operation.
The actuator is conveniently mounted in the upper crosshead for easy table mounting.
The load cell is mounted on the piston rod end and also can be mounted on the lower base platen, depending on the solution.


Key Features
  • Compact and space saving design
  • Latest digital control electronics with high closed loop control and data acquisition rate and self-identification transducer coding
  • Rigid machine frame as preferred for Table-Top models with high stiffness providing superior axial and lateral stiffness and guarantees robust, durable and long-term operation
  • Test space adjustment available from mechanical lift to automatic system
  • Double acting, double ended, equal area Servo Actuator with Hydrostatic 4-Pocket Bearings for the best friction free static and dynamic performance with virtually service-free operation.
  • Highly accurate load cell and digital piston stroke transducer
  • High performance Servovalve(s)
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