Concrete Measuring and Weighing System

Control console with Measuring and Weighing System for Increased Productivity and Ergonomic Working
For customers that requires high specimen throughput combined with ergonomic workflow the control console with measuring and weighing system can be added to the D series instead of the 19" Control Console.
This system allows the quick and accurate determination of the weight and dimensions of cubes and cylinders. A high reproducibility of these measurements are obtained because operator influences are reduced and measuring data are sent direct into the Proteus Test Software.
The specimen weighing and measuring process is quick so that your qualified laboratory staff is relieved of routine jobs and is thus available for more complex activities.

Measuring Process
The sample is shifted over the rollers against the front stop. Then the measuring-bow with incremental measuring system is pulled manually forward against the sample. The bottom on top of the handle releases the measuring. The integrated high precision balance determines the weight of the sample. The specimen height is automatically measured in the compression testing machine at a small pre-load. All measuring values are automatically transferred into the testing software via interface.

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