Fiber-Reinforced Concrete and Mortar Testing Machines Series DBZ up to 500 kN

The DBZ building materials platforms are robust and versatile static testing machines tailored for accurate and repeatable testing of fiber-reinforced concrete and mortar.
These flexural test systems can be equipped with a wide range of test fixtures to perform flexural, compression and tension tests on a variety of materials
The DBZ series features beside of the rigid 4-column load frame reliable w+b servo-controlled hydraulic actuation with high-resolution & high-speed digital closed loop control and latest software platform.
These test systems include everything to comply with the requirements of building materials testing and includes specific technical features as double acting actuator with closed coupled high-responsive servovalve and high-speed digital controller making these systems the perfect solution for testing of fiber-reinforced concrete and mortar as well as strain-controlled test of building materials.

Testing of Fiber-Reinforce Concrete
Testing of fibre-reinforced concrete are nowadays fully standardised through European (EN) as well as ASTM standards. These tests make sure, that the performance and characteristic of fibre-reinforced concrete is determined in a way that guarantees the safe use of it in todays and tomorrows applications.
To perform these EN and ASTM tailored tests the testing machine must be suitable to deliver accurate and repeatable test results. In order the test requirements for testing of fiber-reinfoced concrete can be fulfilled the testing machine must have some performance that tops the normal requirements of building materials testing machines.
Most important technical characteristics of the testing machine suitable for testing of fiber-reinfoced concrete are:
•High responsive closed-loop control •rigid load frame with low stored energy which will release at the first break of the specimen •high-resolution system for accurate data acquisition and control •flexibility for productive testing.
Our DBZ models are produced with this and further requirements in mind and assure accurate test results.

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