LFMZ Electromechanical High-Precision Central Spindle Machines

The LFMZ testing systems are central spindle electromechanical fatigue reverse Testing Machines specially designed for slow speed and slow strain rate applications including Creep & Relaxation, LCF (Low-Cycle Fatigue), TMF (Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue) and general slow speed static and quasi-dynamic cyclic testing.
To assure highest control accuracy even at lowest strain rates and long-term trouble-free operation in static and cyclic fatigue reverse modes the spindle system of the LFMZ Series is fully bedded in oil os as reduce friction in the spindle to a minimum.

Key Features
  • Ultra-high mechanical resolution for most accurate control
  • System with high-resolution ball screw driven actuator with pre-stressed ball nut and backlash. Free torsion security device controlled by a high responsive servomotor completely bedded
  • Spindle system complete beded in oil to reduce friction (for best control accuracy also at slowest speeds) and extend lifetime of the spindle
  • Machine frame in rigid two hard-chromium-plated column construction, precisely aligned with movable upper crosshead, mounted on the welded machine’s base frame
  • Crosshead lifts available from manual adjustment to automatic lifts
  • Dust protection over the full stroke
  • Adjustable maximum and minimum switches
  • With precision flat load cell for accurate force measurement and control
  • Incremental (digital) spindle stroke transducer for accurate displacement measurement and control
  • Compact and space saving design
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