Self-Aligning Threaded-End Specimen Grips Series 179

The family of manual wedge action grips PWG-300 are general-purpose grips designed for easy specimen loading, alignment, and productive testing of metals, composites, plastics, polymers, elastomers, wood, cardboard and others including high strength materials.
The 179 series of self-aligning specimen holders are designed for tensile tests on threaded-end specimen and any kind of fasteners such as screws, threaded bolts and studs. These grips are quick and easy to operate and available to a capacity of 600 kN.

These modular grips offer a single set of main body and interchangeable inserts that match industry standard specimens with threaded ends.
Designed as self-aligning grips with an operator focus, the 179 series offer efficient testing with good force distribution and symmetrical contact surfaces between insert and body.

Inserts are available to conform to many international standers, including ISO 6892-1, DIN 50125 shape B, ASTM E8, ASTM A370, ASTM A48, GOST 1497 (type IV specimen) and others.

Mechanical Interface to the Testing Machine via Mounting Stud is with Clevis PIN. The mechanical interfaces used on our testing machines and grips & fixtures have remained since decades. For static electromechanical machines this generally confirm to a clevis pin style with different dimensions related to the nominal force. This connection provides easy and quick installation and removal of the grips and delivers good alignment.

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