Static Hydraulic Universal Testing Systems Series LF and LFSV up to 1000 kN

The LF & LFSV Series are compact and modular designed servohydraulic actuated test systems.
The actuator is integrated in the machine’s base, providing a reduced over-all machine height.
They feature compact design is especially suitable for laboratories with reduced ceiling heights. These single work space machines allow carrying out tensile-, compression- or bending tests.
Accuracy according to ISO 7500-1 etc., class 0.5 with high resolution and synchronized measurement on all channels.

Key Features
  • Single workspace-design provides high load frame stiffness and ergonomically working height
  • Series LF with manually clamped and movable upper crosshead
  • Series LFSV with hydraulic movable upper crosshead
  • Rigid machine frame construction provides superior axial and lateral stiffness and guarantees robust, durable and long-term operation
  • Double-acting (no plunger) actuator in Servo-Quality mounted in the machine base
  • Polished and hard chromium-plated columns
  • Leather bellows over a complete piston rod protect piston rod from dust, dirt and scale
  • Anti-rotation system for the actuator prevents the natural tendency of the actuator to rotate
  • Precision tension / compression rated strain gauge load cell mounted on upper crosshead
  • Optional alignment fixture can be mounted between crosshead and load cell
  • High resolution digital displacement transducer
  • Servovalve with manifold attached directly on acuator
  • Machine supplied with anti-shock pads below the machine to effectively reduce and isolate vibrations, noise, as well as elastic storage decoupling
  • Anchors for fixation on laboratories floor
  • Durable structured coating (or paint)
  • Bolts for machine lifting
  • The machine is free-standing on shock absorbers, requiring no special foundations
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