Hybrid Test System Series LFMHybrid

Series LFMHybrid
The Hybrid Test System combine the advantages of Electromechanical and Servohydraulic Drive Technology and is well
suited for the full spectrum of materials testing from monotonic to fatigue.
The LFMHybrid provide you with exceptional capability to simulate the exact loading conditions you desire.
This unique testing machine extends your application range across the spectrum and can determine static properties with high accurate electromechanical actuation and perform cyclic testing for the determination of fatigue data with the flexible and high dynamic servohydraulic drive.
The operator can easily select between the electromechanical testing machine or the servohydraulic testing machine or can also operate both drives together for tests with superimpose functions.
w+b offers Hybrid Test Systems up to 2500 kN and frequency range up to 100 Hz.

This Test Systems is well suited for digital closed loop testing in force, stress, displacement, strain and any other control modes including calculated, virtual channels.
These Hybrid Test Systems offers reliable w+b servo-controlled hydraulic & electromechanical actuation with high-resolution & high-speed, digital closed loop controls.

Combine according your Requirements
Often the force requirements for fatigue applications are lower than for monotonic testing. This test systems offer you to combine the correct fatigue rated servohydraulic actuator size with the needed static force rating. By selecting the suitable servohydraulic actuator you will minimize your power consumption and increase your lab efficiency.
When your selected fatigue actuator is with lower force than the electromechanical drive we offer the connecting adapter to bypass the actuator for static testing or alternative the piston-rod clamping system withstanding the maximum static force.

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