Electromechnical Torsional Tesing Systems Series LFM-T

Torsion tests can be carried out on most materials, using standards specimens, to determine mechanical properties such as modulus of elasticity in shear, yield shear strength, ultimate shear strength, modulus of rupture in shear, and ductility.
Further tests can also be carried out on full-size parts (shafts, axles, etc.) and structures (beams, frames etc.) to determine their response to torsional loading.
w+b offers a full range of torsion testing machines from table-top electromechanical standard machine (LFM-T Series) to servohydraulic fatigue rated systems (LFV-T Series).

The horizontal electromechanical torsion testing machines series LFM-T are designed for the determination of mechanical properties and the effect of torque on materials, engineering parts and components. Due to the modular structure of the test systems, all models can be configured and equipped with a variety of sample holders, testers, temperature control and other accessories. The systems can be used for creep tests, rapid, cyclic or alternating loading in close loop control. To the existing channels of measurement and control other such as torque, torsion angle, and sample deformation are available. Additional external measurement and control channels can be connected both physical and virtual ones.

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