LFM-Top Electromechanical Table-Top Machines

Designed for materials and components testing the LFM-TOP Dual Column Table-Top Systems can be used over a range of force applications up to 125 kN.


The LFM-TOP test systems are supplied with two backlash-free ball screws and additional two guidance columns providing suitable load frame stiffness as required for table top design.
The mobile crosshead is driven by a state-of-the-art brushless / maintenance free AC Servomotor providing high positioning accuracy and
repeatability, faster starts and stops, best control, and highest accuracy at extremely low noise level.
The LFM-TOP series is modular constructed and can be configured with a variety of grips and fixtures, extensometers, environmental chambers, high temperature furnaces, different software packages and other accessories to suite your specific testing needs.

Key Features
  • Rigid machine frame with high stiffness providing superior axial and lateral stiffness and guarantees robust, durable and long-term operation
  • Two backlash-free ball screw assemblies provides high load capacity, high positioning accuracy and repeatability
  • Controlled by a high responsive maintenance-free AC servomotor to drive the mobile traverse (crosshead) providing faster starts and stops, best control, and highest accuracy at extremely low noise level
  • Two additional steel guiding columns for increased lateral stiffness
  • Spindle / Column protection over total traverse stroke
  • Precision strain gauge load cell mounted on movable crosshead
  • Digital displacement (movable crosshead) measuring system
  • Standardized mounting studs (male) for easy and flexible mounting of grips and fixtures
  • Adjustable end-stops in both (UP/DOWN) directions for the optimal protection of operator, test sample and machine
  • Emergency stop direct at the machine
  • Overload Protection
  • Easy one-point in-service lubrication of precision ball screw assembly
  • Durable structured coating (or paint)
  • Use of high quality components and assemblies of reputable companies
  • Bolts for machine lifting
  • Adjustable feet for leveling Testing Machine
  • The machine is free-standing and can be placed onto stable table
  • Optional additional 2nd test space for increased flexibility and efficiency
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