Modernisation and Upgrade

A modernization brings your old testing machine back to the latest state of technology in terms of function, accuracy, userfriendliness, productivity, reliability, and safety. w+b offers manufacturer-independent different levels of modernization for almost all static or dynamic, mechanical, or hydraulic testing machines.

We are offering the full spectrum of modular modernization packages from inexpensive data acquisitions to full modernization. By using modern data acquisition and control electronics together with the latest testing software for automated, standard-compliant test execution and evaluation, your static, dynamic, mechanical or servohydraulic test system can be adapted to the increased requirements in terms of accuracy, standard conformity, productivity and data handling.

With our PCS8000 digital controller and the associated DION7 test software, we offer you a powerful and flexible platform to extend the service life of your test system based on the latest test technology. The required scope of modernization depends on the condition of your test system and your current and future requirements.

The performance of your existing test system will improve by installing the new digital controller for closed loop testing and high-speed data acquisition with PC running Dion7 application software, and any additional tailored steps as revision or replacement of the drive technology and sensors, extensometers, grips or fixtures or accessories for simulating environmental conditions

A modernization of your test system by w+b increases operational and service reliability. 

Thanks to our decades of experience in modernizing testing machines, we can offer you an all-round service for your testing system. This minimizes failures and ensures compliance with standards. By combining the calibration of your test system with maintenance and service work, you can also save costs in the future.

We carry out these services for our own testing machines, as well as for testing systems modernized by us and for third-party products. We also offer preventive maintenance, on-site repairs, overhauls and repairs in our factory, machine relocation, spare parts, software updates with training.

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