Hydraulic Parallel Closing, Dual-Side Grips Series SPG up to 3000 kN

This open-front constructed parallel grips with two side hydraulic clamping pistons deliver proven gripping performance on a wide range of materials including steel plate, stell rods, machined specimens including rounds and flats, reinforced steel bars, 7-wire strands and others.
The SPG Grips applies a defined clamping force that ensures optimum gripping for specimens including sensitive ones and assure repeatable test results.

Our hydraulic grips control provides constant gripping forces and together with our PCS electronics unwanted forces acting on the specimens are avoided through our mixed control mode during the gripping process that limits such unwanted forces.

All our SPG Grips are supplied with integral synchronizing self-centring providing repeatable parallel closing and provides many advantages over simple hydraulic solutions like flow control valves that are sensitive to temperature, oil viscosity and dirt. Another big advantage of our synchronizing self-centring system is, that there is no need to open the grips completely to have a centred

A main advantage of the SPG Grips and the main reason to select this grip is the wide clamping range for flat specimens. There is no need to change the jaws when the specimen thickness change, this safe time and increase the efficiency.

Beside of maintaining an independent, constant clamping force on the specimen that acts perpendicular to the tensile direction we are also offering the controlled clamping force increasement in relation to the tensile load. This function eliminates wrong clamping force selection by the operator that might cause specimen slippage or grip breaks and makes testing as simple as possible.
The additional pressure control through proportional valve in combination with PCS8000 and accurate pressure transducer provide controlled increase of clamping force by a proportional valve through the force output signal from a digital controller. This provides optimal clamping force and is specially recommended for samples with tendency to break within the inserts such as ropes, cables or strands. The manual clamping force adjustment with pre-selecting clamping force remains and should be activated when dynamic testing mode is employed.

Our Design

  • Two side hydraulic clamping system in horizontal clamp action
  • Ultra-Precisely aligned
  • Ensuring constant gripping forces and repeatable test results
  • Improved design allows to grip also short specimens
  • Rigid constructions require low clamping pressures minimizing pressure peaks at specimen failure and increase trouble free operating.
  • Additional high-pressure accumulators attached to the closing chamber of each closing piston absorbing pressure peaks at specimen failure.
  • Time saving as no need to open grip completely to maintain specimen alignment
  • Avoiding the need of mechanical stroke limiters or else
  • Open-front construction with symmetrical housing design for easy exchange of inserts, front loading of specimens, preventing ingress of scale and dust etc.
  • Independent control of the upper and lower grip
  • The desired clamping force can be easily pre-selected and is measured and displayed
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