Hydraulic Wedge Grips Series WG-H up to 3000 kN

This rigid, general-purpose hydraulic wedge grips provide productive tensile testing and quick and easy interchanging between different inserts (jaw faces).
The open-front construction makes specimen insertion quick and easy, and the wedge construction increase the gripping force proportional to the tensile load so that no clamping force must be pre-selected.

The WG-H series are easy to use tensile grips in symmetrical, open front construction to accept inserts for flat and round specimens.

They are the preferred gripping solution for many customers, testing a wide range of specimens and materials including rebars, metallic bars and sheet metals.

They are so popular as they provide excellent specimen gripping and are easy to operate.

These grips are also well suited for dusty, industrial environments as well as testing of materials with scale as the moving parts are shielded by protective dust covers.

These hydraulic grips are typically operated through the portable hand-set which makes specimen insertion easy. 

The WG-H grips have standardized threaded holes, some sizes with additional centring pin holes, in the ground end faces. This enables the precisely attaching of compression platen, bending devices or any other fixture, tool or accessories
directly to the grips.

The specimen protect function offered by your electronics / software helps to prevent your specimen from being damaged during setup and gripping by reducing the introduced compression force considerable.

When these grips are installed at servohyraulic testing machines, then another advantage of this grips is, that the hydraulic power is provided by the machine's main power pack via a grip sub-manifold that reduce the cost and floor space associated with a secondary grip pumping unit. The grips wedge effect does further not require that high pressure is needed, this makes them very reliable.

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