Hydraulic Power Units

w+b offers high-efficient Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs) to furnish the pressurized oil for servohydraulic testing installations.

All our HPU’s are designed with the knowledge in servohydraulic testing installation gained in more than 45 years. They are carefully engineered to create a safe, efficient, and reliable oil supply that meets your demands of today and the futures.
Standardized units are available with constant flow rate (displacement) or with variable displacement pump providing demand-dependent flow-rates.
Additionally, we are providing tailored solutions as installations of central hydraulics power packs and distribution system which varies with customer’s application, laboratory design and available space.

Carefully engineered system design is essential to create a safe, efficient and reliable system that meets your specific demand. Walter+Bai AG provides system design and installation from hydraulic power supply to hydraulic service manifolds, to hard-line installation to high performance digital control system.

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