Compact Cement Testing Systems Series D and DB

These accurate and reliable Cement Test Systems incorporate all our innovations and latest developments in the field of cement testing.
The system’s sturdy design delivery high precision & accuracy and ergonomically and intuitive operation simplify testing. W+b Cement test systems deliver the capabilities test engineers and researchers need to perform high-fidelity tests that are vital to improving the efficiency, reliability and performance of cement testing.
Combining reliability and repeatability for quality control with an extensive functionality for research these systems give test professionals a fast, easy way to establish or expand in-hose testing. 
The compact systems are easy to install, operate and maintain. They leverage decades of w+b experience, offering a solution that demonstrates our commitment to providing high-quality systems for the full spectrum of cement and mortar testing.



  • Construction design and accuracy according to EN196-1, EN ISO 7500-1, EN 10002-2, NF P18411 Class 0.5
  • The compression test assembly is placed between two columns and the flexural testing device on the left side
  • Both compression and flexural test spaces are equipped with differential area actuators for the most responsive control, providing smooth and repeatable sample breaking
  • Both compression and flexural test spaces are equipped with high precision load cells to achieve grade 0.5 measuring accuracy
  • The various compression devices and samples can be placed between the compression plates providing most universal testing virtually without any limitations
  • Machine equipped with real servovalve for reliable w+b servo-controlled hydraulic actuation with highresolution & high-speed digital closed loop controls for the best test control even at low-speed and low-force 
  • For carrying out compression test on very low stress (load) mortars specimen (4 x 4 cm) a compression device can be easily placed into the flexural test space
  • Machine delivered with protection device complies with the machinery directive 89/392/EEC and amending directives 91/368/EEC (29), etc.
  • Extensive accessories are available including a range of extensometers

Tech. Date Mod. D Tech. Data Mod. DB Testing Devices Extensometers

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