Compression Testing Machines For Gully Tops and Manhole Tops Testing Series D-GT

The D-GT testing machines are designed to determine the permanent set and load bearing capacity of gully tops and manhole tops for vehicular and pedestrian areas made from different materials in accordance with EN 124.
This test systems, available up to 1000 kN are robust and versatile static testing machines tailored for accurate and repeatable testing of gully tops and manhole tops. The D-GT series features beside of the rigid 4-column load frame reliable w+b servo-controlled
hydraulic actuation with high-resolution & high-speed digital closed loop control and latest software platform.
These test systems include everything to comply with the requirements of building materials testing and includes specific technical features as double acting actuator with closed coupled high-responsive servovalve and high-speed digital controller making these
systems the perfect solution for testing of gully tops and manhole tops.
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