LFE Electromechanical Central Spindle Machines

The LFE Series are oil-free electromechanical testing machines with central electric linear actuator assembly integrated in the base of the testing machine.
This series combines the advantage of fluid-free non-hydraulic drive technology mounted in-line with the specimen, grips and load cell.
They are well suited for closed-loop static tensile, compression and flexural testing on a wide range of materials as well used for CBR / Marshall Test of Building Materials..
Key Features

Clean and quite oil-free electromechanical system

  • Requires no environmental consideration and virtually no maintenance.
  • Rigid Load Frame with preloaded spindles and state-of-the-art AC drive system
  • Electric Linear Actuator assembly with low backlash reducing gear system provides high load capacity, high positioning accuracy and repeatability
  • Controlled by a brush-less high responsive, maintenance-free AC servomotor to drive the central electromechanical actuator, providing faster starts and stops, best control, and highest accuracy at a extremely low noise level
  • Minimum and maximum end-switches
  • With precision flat laod cell for accurate force measurement and closed-loop control and digital actuator stroke displacement transducer
  • Compact and space saving design
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