Building Materials Test Controller DIGICON4000

DIGICON 4000 is the latest generation of digital measurement and control system tailor-made for testing of building materials including cement, concrete, rocks, asphalt and soils.
The DIGICON 4000 is the direct replacement of the DIGICON 2000 controller with consequent enhancement and continuous implementations of new standards, customer inputs, feedbacks and hundredfold successful installations across the globe.
The controller can be used in standalone operation, in combination with its large 7” color touch screen with intuitive pre-defined test templates or in combination with the comprehensive Proteus application software.

The DIGICON 4000 can control monotonic servohydraulic as well as electromechanical AC or DC driven testing machines. In combination with servohydraulic test systems, this controller can control up to 4 testing machines / frames in alternating mode with one servovalve. Typical applications are machine combination like cement testing machine together with a concrete testing machine controlled with one controller and one hydraulic system.


  • Application-Designed for closed loop control of building materials testing machines
  • Simple operation as standalone unit with pre-defined test templates according to related standards with USB-Interface for Data export
  • Advanced functionality in combination with Proteus Software Package
  • Latest controller generation provides long life-cycle
  • Provides accurate closed loop control with closed loop control rate of up to 2000 Hz (2 kHz)
  • High data acquisition rate on all channels
  • Controller can be equipped with up to 8 amplifier cards with 18-bit resolution for data acquisition and control of force, displacement, strain and other sensors.
  • Machine interlock direct from controller including protection device, quick piston drawdown, unpressurized circulation etc.
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