Multi Test-Area Machines

Testing machines that provide more than one test area generates great flexibility and help to increase the productivity.

With long history we are produce testing machines with more than one test space.
Available are dual test space machines with one test area that located above the other, side test-area(s) solutions and machines with multiple
test areas which are centrally located.

Key Advantages of Additional Test Areas
  • Increase our productivity as reconfiguration time is minimized or eliminated
  • Extends your application range across the spectrum
  • An additional test area will reduce the need of changing of heavy grips & fixtures reducing your setup time and makes operation safer and easier.
  • Your test accuracy and flexibility will increase as you can individually select for each test area the suitable load cell capacity, suitable clamps and
  • accessories for suitable for your different materials or environmental conditions.
  • Using the optimal force transducer capacity assures you have the highest possible output signal from your transducer.
  • Maintaining the set alignment minimizing the bending strains that can invalidate your test results.
  • Reduce the space required in your laboratory compared with two independent machines.
  • Reduces your investment compared with two independent machines.
  • Reduces your maintenance costs, calibration expenses and IT costs.


  • Side Test-Area Machines with two or three test-areas
  • Dual Test-Space Machines with two inline test spaces
  • Multi-Station Testing Machines with centrally fitted multi test areas
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