The maintenance and service work on your material testing machine is performed by our specialists with the utmost care.
High-precision, computer-aided calibration equipment also guarantees standard-compliant calibrations. The accreditation certificate according to ISO / IEC 17025 ensures the worldwide recognition of all signatories of the Multilateral Agreement (MLA) for EA - European Cooperation of Accreditation.



We offer our calibration service of material test installations with or without maintenance of your testing equipment. The maintenance and service work on your material test equipment is executed by our specialists with highest attention. With the experience of 40 years!

Accreditated Calibration Laboratory Accreditation Number SCS 0068

Highly precise computer-aided calibration equipment guarantees a calibration according to the latest standards. Our calibration laboratory is accredited according to the latest ISO / IEC 17025 which is recognised through the Multilateral Agreement (MLA) for EA - European Cooperation for Accreditation. Our field service engineers are not only trained to complete maintenance and calibration service on w+b machines, they also can do it on any other testing machines in a timely manner.

We Calibrate Your Test Equipment Independently of Type and Manufacturer.

The maintenance and calibration through one's hands by our specialists with many years of experience assure a reliable execution. Your savings: no extra costs for an additional calibration by a further official calibration institute, since we are an accredited calibration laboratory. The calibration certificate will prove the verification of your system with ISO 9000 a.s.o standards.

We are your calibration laboratory for:

  • Force - Tension & Compression
  • Pressure
  • Length - Displacement & Deformation
  • Hardness
  • Energy (Impact Tester)

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It is essential that our customers benefit from the full potential of our testing machines and test systems. This requires that your staff be properly trained in the system, with appropriate software. Our commissioning technicians train your personnel competently, so that a perfect and full use of your investment is ensured. We also offer training on our demonstration machines before commissioning your testing machine or annual training contracts.


walter+bai AG Testing machines maintain a free telephone support for any questions regarding the use of our testing machines, application questions or corrections of errors. Together with the operating instructions provided by us, more than 90% of the faults occurring can be quickly and easy remedied without the use of one of our service technicians.

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The commissioning by our service technicians takes place at the time of delivery or at an agreed time. The service includes unpacking, installation, assembly, functional testing, machine acceptance with any calibration and training of your operating personnel. Our service technicians are excellent trained and guarantee a perfect commissioning.

Instruction Manual

The increased introduction of automation technology, computer integration and networking as well as complex mechanical systems also confronts operators and operators of machines with increasingly complex tasks. We will help you as a manufacturer to use the innovative testing machines and application software safely and economically. To do this we create understandable operating instructions which are of course just meet all legal requirements, such as the expectations of our customers. For us, an impeccable customer service begins with a comprehensive operating manual.
Instruction Manual


Our extensive testing software is constantly being further developed and complemented by the increasing requirements of our customers and changes in the numerous standards. When purchasing our test software, you are entitled to a free update up to 18 months after purchase. We also offer update contracts so they can automatically receive the latest updates.
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