walter+bai ag Testing Machines

walter+bai ag Testing Machines supplies a wide range of material testing machines and systems for the safety and quality of materials, industrial products and buildings. Mechanical testing is carried out in many industrial sectors, such as the automotive and aircraft industry, metal industry, plastic and rubber industry, the chemical industry, construction industry, medical engineering as well as institutes and universities.

We Manufacture Testing Systems to Suit Your Specific Testing Needs!

Serving these industries for more than 45 years, w+b benefits from the company’s extensive experience in producing material testing systems and equipment to serve this wide range of applications.
Due to our considerable engineering capabilities we are able to offer not only standard testing machines but also customized solutions or complete installations for physical testing laboratories world-wide.
To ensure you obtain the maximum rewards from your investment, our accredited calibration laboratory guaranties that excellent after-sale service and verification facilities are available for your installations.

  • Over 45 Years of Experience in 
    Manufacturing of Testing Machines
  • Quality, Accuracy and Reliability
  • Swiss Made
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