Temperature Stress Testing Machine (TSTM)

Temperature Stress Testing Machine (TSTM) for Studies on Early-Age Behaviour of Concretes and Fibre Reinforced Concretes.
TSTM Test Systems are used, along with suitable accessories, to investigate early age mechanical behaviour, monitoring of stiffness, creep or the relaxation of concrete sample from setting time, to investigate the reinforcement on early-age concrete, temperature stress or for experimental study on early-age crack of concrete under a controlled temperature history.

The system allows tests on concrete in tension or in compression direction from setting time under free and restraint conditions to investigate the response at an early age. Among others the Young's modulus, the creep or the relaxation with active compensation of shrinkage, total restraint, in single or incremental loading histories or cyclic loading applied at regular intervals in tension or in compression of the sample can be monitored at early age at the end of the setting time. The setting time can be determined for example with a so called FreshCon device allowing the determination of the setting time on basis of ultrasonic measurements.
The Testing Machine allows to be controlled in displacement / deformation or in force control.

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