Portable Peel Test Device Series HZV-281.KDB – 500 N

For peel tests on Polymeric Membranes and glued insulation foils to SIA 281-2/B and SN 56281 to determine the qualitative shear strength after installation of the membranes.
Aluminium test tripod with spindle gear, motor, and electromechanical tensile device with clamping jaws.
  • Electromechanical tensile device with spindle gear and motor flexibly mounted on tripod.
  • Internally installed limit switches (no protruding components)
  • Aluminium test tripod with adjustable distance between pivot and surface of the specimen.
  • Position pins for fixed test distance. Stops and marking for rational installation.
  • Precision load cell is mounted at the end of the spindle with flexible adapter for the clamping device.
  • The clamping device has jaws for slip free clamping of the specimen with quick lock lever.
  • Control electronics DIGICON with motor controller, measuring amplifier and digital read-out for test data acquisition and data transfer to testing software PROTEUS in a portable housing.
  • Larger device for bituminous membranes according to SIA 281-2/A is also available.
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