Rock Mechanics Testing

Rock Mechanics Testing Systems are designed for experiments on materials ranging from soft sandstone to high strength brittle rock. w+b offers sophisticated solutions for uniaxial and triaxial testing applications.

Rock mechanics testing installations are designed for the investigation of the complete deformation behaviour of rock over a wide range of testing conditions.
Triaxial testing installations are designed for conducting laboratory tests that stimulate as closely as possible, in-situation conditions encountered in many geomechanical applications. These applications often involve high confining pressures, high temperatures (nuclear waste repository studies), low temperatures (liquid nitrogen storage), high pressure pore fluids (oil and petrol industry) and various specimen stress test states including extension (confining pressure greater than axial stress).

The high capacity and high stiffness design of our load frames combined with a high-responsive servohydraulic system, digital controller, testing software and complete range of accessories provide an extremely universal tool for these applications. The system components are described on the next pages. The uniaxial system Series D - D - S is a basic machine, where additional triaxial cells and other accessories can be added for a complete universal testing system for the determination of different axial and triaxial deformation behaviour of rocks.

For configurations and accessories not described in this section, please feel free to contact w+b for additional information. We are able to offer complete customized testing installations according to your testing needs.

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