Mechanical Wedge Grips Series WG-M up to 250 kN

This symmetrically closing general purpose mechanical wedge grips provide productive tensile testing and quick and easy interchanging between different inserts (jaw faces). 
The grip opening and closing is via the lever wheras integrated springs generate the closing force. The gripping force during the tensile test is proportionally increasing to the tensile force via wedge action, so that no clamping force must be pre-selected.
A locking device holds the grips in an open position for easy specimen insertation.

The open-front construction make specimen insertion as well as exchanging of jaws quick and easy.


  • Very quick and easy operation
  • Low force actuation for operator
  • Proportional clamping force increase to the tensile force
  • Self-gripping type
  • Symmetrically closing
  • Open front body
  • Lockable lever in open position for easy specimen insertion
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