LFM Electromechanical Floor Standing Machines up to 125 kN

This Series offers ultra-high flexibility and modularity making this model the perfect platform for a wide spectrum of users and applications
ranging from demanding research projects to high-volume quality control.

This model line combines high-performance, high accuracy and highest degree of flexibility.
Thus, this model represents the suitable Test Systems for researchers and quality control managers world-wide from different industries.
The flexibility and versatility makes this system a perfect solution for testing alloys, composites, ceramics, polymers, geotextiles and many other materials including testing under low-, or high temperatures or other simulated environmental conditions.

Key Features
  • Two Extruded aluminium profiles with T-slots allow the easy mounting of any accessories
  • In the T-slot profiles integrated are the backlash-free ball screw assemblies with additional columns providing high load capacity, high positioning accuracy and repeatability
  • Rigid machine frame providing superior axial and lateral stiffness and guarantees robust, durable and long-term operation
  • One test area with ergonomic working height (additional second upper test space available)
  • Mobile traverse (crosshead) controlled by a brush-less high responsive, maintenance-free AC servomotor providing faster starts and stops, best control, and highest accuracy at a extremely low noise level
  • AC servomotor provides continuous high test speed up to nominal force for continuously operation
  • Additional two (2) chromium plated guiding columns for increased lateral stiffness
  • Column protection over total traverse stroke
  • Precision strain gauge load cell mounted on crosshead
  • Standardized mounting stud (male) Ø40 mm to mount grips
  • Digital movable crosshead encoder
  • Adjustable stops in both (UP/DOWN) directions for the best protection of operator, test sample and machine
  • Emergency stop direct at the machine
  • Adjustable machine feet to level the testing machine
  • The machine is free-standing on shock absorbers, requiring no special foundations
  • Optional additional 2nd test spaces for increased flexibility and efficiency 
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