Advanced Cement Testing Systems Series DB SUPER

These Testing Machines represents the most advanced models for high-productive testing, designed for voluminal testing in the field of cement quality control.
The SUPER series offers simultaneous bending and compression testing capability to reduce the testing time considerably.
These accurate and reliable Cement Test Systems incorporate all our innovations and latest developments in the field of cement testing. The system’s sturdy design delivery high precision & accuracy and ergonomically and intuitive operation simplify testing. w+b Cement test systems deliver the capabilities test engineers and researchers need to perform high-fidelity tests that are vital to improving the efficiency, reliability and performance of cement testing. Combining reliability and repeatability for quality control with an extensive functionality for research these systems give test professionals a fast, easy way to establish or expand in-hose testing. The compact systems are easy to install, operate and maintain. They leverage decades of w+b experience, offering a solution that demonstrates our commitment to providing high-quality systems for the full spectrum of cement and mortar testing.


  • The machines are available as combined compression and bending
  • Very rigid and precision aligned twin chromium plated column construction.
  • Both testing frames have double acting rams for the quickest respond.
  • Highest accuracy and repeatability achieved by precision load cells.
  • Linear load increase in closed loop control with synchronized measuring channels.
  • Both load frame are equipped with safety guard.
  • The testing frames are mounted on a solid chassis.
  • The chassis contains in the lower part the integrated silent hydraulic power pack with servo valve, oil-air cooling system.
  • Rapid testing with automatic pre-load drive and unloading after specimen break with automatic test procedure. High flexibility by template generation and possibility of placing different devices in the machine.


  • Servo-controlled test procedure in closed loop mode in connection with servovalve, digital controller DIGICON 3000/4000 and building material testing software PROTEUS MT for automatic test procedure, data acquisition, data analysis, print-out of test results and data storage in ASCII.

Accessories / Options

  • Simultaneous bending and compression testing to reduce the testing time.
  • Test devices, extensometers
  • Interfacing Software to Central Laboratory Software as LIMS, CIMS, PAPA, Dorner a.s.o.

Technical Data Testing Devices Extensometers

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