Specimen Marking (Dividing) Machines Series TA

for engraving gauge marks on tensile specimens to measure the elongation after fracture based on subdivision of the
original gauge length.
As the gauge marks are engraved and not punched there is no influence of the test results for majority of materials.
Round and flat bars as well as reinforcing steel bars can easily and quickly be marked. According to the selected model, divisions of
20 / 10 / 5 mm are possible (see Technical Data).
With a simple clamping system the specimens can be mounted on the machine. Most models having two clamping grips also suitable
for marking of welded wire meshes. One only turn of the handle respective drum gives the largest division of the selected apparatus. For
each smaller division, the specimen and clamping device will be displaced accordingly by a simple but accurate lever selection mechanism.
Then, the operator has to turn again the handle.
The spring-loaded engraving needles enable an equable division and a long lifetime of the tracing needles itself. The Test Bar Dividing Machine
is set and fixed on a table.
To determine the elongation after rupture, the specimen is set on a V-block (special equipment) so that the axis of the two broken pieces
form a straight line. With a special slide gauge (special equipment) the elongation can now be measured.
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