Self-Tightening Wedge Grips Series 243 up to 50 kN

The 243 series of multipurpose self-tightening wedge grips are available for 20 and 50 kN tensile loads.
These grips are quick and easy to operate via lever arm.
The open front construction provides easy change of the jaws (inserts) from the front. Available are jaws for flat specimens with thickness up to 16 mm and round specimens having diameters up to 20 mm.


  • Self-tightening during test minimizes slippage
  • Easy specimen insertion
  • Rapid specimen clamping and removal via lever arm
  • Easy and quick change of jaws (inserts)
  • Easy installation and removal via standard PIN connection


  • Flat specimen centring device
  • Special Jaws (inserts) for round specimens up to 26 mm
  • Special Grip Body and jaws (inserts) for flat specimens up to 25 mm thickness
  • Extension Rods for use of the grips inside the environmental chamber.
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