Cement Testing

w+b offers a wide range of testing machines for different cement tests. Each system can be individually configured according to your testing needs for an optimal solution. 

Cement is mixed from heated limestone, chalk, shale, clay and other ingredients with water, then crushed. A chemical process turns the ingredients into a hardened mix called clinker. This substance is grounded with a small amount of gypsum into a powder - the modern Portland cement. This Portland cement is a basic ingredient of concrete, mortar and most grout. The most common use of Portland cement is in the production of concrete. The Portland cement is also modified in sophisticated binders such as mortars, pre-mix cements and others.

In this section you find a wide range of testing machines for the determination of the strength of cement. In addition we offer a wide range of testing equipment for the determination of fineness, consistency, setting-time, workability, soundness, flow, fly ash, lime reactivity and slaking, chemical tests a.s.o. Further we are able to provide devices for mixing, moulding, curing of cement samples.

All testing machines and equipment conforms to the relevant international standards as EN, ISO, ASTM and other corresponding national standards.

Brochure Testing Devices Extensometers

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