Compression Testing Machine Series D5 up to 3000 kN

The D5 series testing machines are designed for the determination of the compressive strength of test specimens of hardened concrete according to EN 12390-3, EN 12504-1 and EN 206.
The model D5 with capacity 2500 kN is also available in a execution well suited for the additional determination of the Young's modulus on concrete in accordance with EN 12390-13, ASTM C469, ISO 6784 and DIN 1048-5.
These compression testing machines comply with the strain cylinder test requirements (straintest execution) according to ISO EN 12390-4 / DIN 51302-2.
The D5 series represents a compact and space-saving, automatic closed-loop controlled test systems. These test systems include, beside of the robust 4-column load frame the latest w+b hardware and software platform for accurate and repeatable compression test on concrete.

Reliable & Durable
Our prior goal, coupled with an experience of 50 years in the production of building materials Test Systems, is to deliver accurate and durable tests solutions to ensure that you obtain the maximum rewards from your investment. w+b building materials Testing Machines combines proven load-frame design, reliable w+b servocontrolled hydraulic actuation combined with advanced high-speed, high-resolution digital closed loop control for trouble-free long-term operation.

The D5 series delivers repeatable and accurate test results as this test systems incorporate features developed on our long experience.

  • Machine equipped with high accurate pressure transducer
  • Low friction plunger actuator
  • Machine work with real closed loop control in combination with high-responsive proportional or servovalve (for model D5-2500.1)
  • High system stiffness load frame for long-term repeatable testing
  • High-accurate analogue digital signal conversion with low noise
  • And many others

High Stiffness Load Frame
In order repeatable test results with smooth specimen breaking can be achieved and robust, durable, and long-term trouble-free operation is assured our load-frames are designed with high load frame stiffness. This high axial stiffness minimizes the stored energy in the frame that will abruptly release at specimen failure and cause shock to the specimen and machine.

Latest Control Technology
All our building materials Testing Machines are closed loop controlled through the latest digital control system DIGICON 4000. This controller represents the latest generation of digital measurement and control system tailor-made for testing of building materials including applications where high-responsive control is required.
The DIGICON 4000 features high-speed control and data acquisition and is well suited for force and stress closed-loop digital control. The controller can be used as stand-alone unit or works through high-speed Ethernet interface with Proteus-MT application software.
Proven Servohydraulic The D5 test systems offer reliable w+b servo-controlled hydraulic actuation through proportional valve or servovalve operation for the most reliable and accurate closed loop control in force / stress / deformation / strain or piston stroke control.

Strain Test Execution
The D5 compression testing machines comply with the strain cylinder test requirements for concrete compression testing machines according to ISO EN 12390-4 / DIN 51302-2. The strain cylinder test verification on concrete compression testing machines is carried out to verify the selfalignment of the upper machine platen and the component parts of the machine in accordance with DIN 51302-2. This German standard provides additional information on the verification of concrete testing machines for the European standard DIN EN 12390-4. For the reproducibility of the concrete compression test results, the flatness of the force application surfaces (compression platens) and the centric position, in addition to perfect functioning of the spherical seated compression platen are of critical importance. Testing machines that comply with the strain cylinder test requirements have generally recognized better standard deviation.

Compact & Space-Saving
The D5 series is designed as compact, space-saving system with integrated hydraulic power supply.

The hydraulic power supply for the test system is integrated in the machine. The machine is designed in order it can operate with a system pressure below 500 bar. This and other measures helps to reduce the noise level.

Integrated Hydraulic Filter
The performance, life-time and reliability of servohyraulic test systems is acutely sensitive to the quality of the hydraulic oil. The experience of designers and users of hydraulic oil systems has verified that over 85% of all system failures are a direct result of contamination. As a consequence our power packs are equipped with hydraulic filters with absolute filtration of 10 μm to assure that clean oil. The size of the filters are large in order long service life of the elements are reached.

High Efficiency Motor
As part of a concerted effort worldwide to reduce energy consumption, CO2 emissions and the impact of industrial operations on the environment, various regulatory authorities in many countries have introduced or are planning legislation to encourage the manufacture and use of higher efficiency motors. Consequently all motors used in our test systems comply with the Premium Efficiency IE3 level according to IEC 60034-30-2008.

Designed for Permanent Operation
The hydraulic power pack of the D5 series is cooled by an air-oil cooler and can be operated permanently.

These test systems are designed with operator's convenience and health in mind.
The D5 systems fully comply with the safety requirements of the EC Machinery Directive and are supplied with the related EC Declaration. The Test System is protected against overload, includes the piston stroke limit stop and provide the ability to set limits for any connected transducer preventing damage to your system.

Designed for Serviceability
Attention was paid to the serviceability. Parts are easy to clean and good access to hydraulic and electric installation is provided.

Ergonomically Designed
These test systems are designed with operator's convenience and health in mind. The lower compression platen is on convenient height makes specimen loading easy and convenient.

Ready for your Test Demands of Today & Tomorrow
To be prepared for the future, Proteus-MT is available with communication interface to several Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) as:
• LIMS or CIMS of ABB • Sauter • La strada • Lisa Lims • Cobet • Jouaux • Limsophya • FireQ • Dorner • LIS or PDV Dyckerhoff • Limsophy • and others Our digital controller can control monotonic servohydraulic as well as electromechanical AC or DC driven testing machines. In
combination with servohydraulic test systems, this controller can control up to 4 testing machines / frames in alternating mode with one servovalve.
This assures you, that you will be able to connect additional load frames to your cement test systems as for examples concrete compression test frame to be operated with the control system of your cement testing machine.


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