Side Loading, Self-Tightening Manual Wedge Action Grips Series 1341

The family of manual wedge action grips 1341 are general-purpose grips designed for easy specimen loading, alignment, and productive testing of metals, composites, plastics, polymers, elastomers, wood, cardboard, and others including high strength materials.
These self-tightening grips are available up to 250 kN and provide proportional gripping force increase that minimice specimen slippage without the need for pneumatic or hydraulic actuation. A low initial gripping force is applied perpendicular to the flat or round specimen via the handle. The open front design makes specimen loading and changing of the inserts quick and easy.

The body-over-wedge design, where the gripping force is applied via movement of the grip body relative to the wedge-shaped jaw face, minimize compressive force being applied which may cause specimen buckling and allows to pre-select the position at which the specimen will be held with consistent gauge length.

The 1341 series grip design holds the inserts in fixed position without any recoil or loosening at specimen failure so that an extensometer can remain in place through specimen rupture.
The interface to the testing machine is via mounting stud with PIN connection that enables quick installation and removal and delivers good alignment.


  • Self-tightening during test minimizes slippage
  • Easy specimen insertion for high productivity
  • Rapid specimen clamping and removal
  • Parallel closing allows for accurate positioning and clamping
  • Easy and quick change of inserts
  • Available of different materials for wide temperature range
  • Easy installation and removal via standard PIN connection
  • Grease nipple for easy spindle greasing
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