Biaxial Planar Testing Systems

During service components are often subjected to multiaxial stresses. For biaxial testing of materials, particularly composites, metals, textiles, biomaterials or plastic under a wide range of biaxial stress states, typically a cruciform specimen in conjunction with a testing machine capable of bearing independently controlled loading on two orthogonal axes is used. The cruciform specimen avoids stress concentrations and provide a uniformly stressed test section. Load application for the cruciform can be accomplished in a robust frame supplied with a separate drives (either electromechanical or servohydraulic) and separate load cell to check for off-axis or unbalanced loading. Depending on test conditions w+b offers Biaxial Testing Systems in different configurations adapted to multiaxial testing in creep, static strength, fatigue or high speed mode in different force ranges. Available are systems with Electromechanical Drives or Servohydraulic Actuators.
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