Fracture Mechanical Testing Systems

This test system is designed to determine fracture toughness (K1C), crack tip opening displacement (CTOD) and J fracture toughness values of metallic materials.
Both specimen types, SE(B) Bend Specimens as well as Compact C(T) Specimens can be tested from ambient to low temperatures.
The system can test C(T) specimens up to B=4" (W=8") and SE(B) specimens up to 200 x 200 x length 900 mm with weighs up to 290 kg. The large sample conditioning chamber is incorporated in the machine with sample handling system for easy sample and Clevis Grips loading. For the SE(B) Bend Test the support roller distance is adjusted automatically depending on selected specimen size. Two pre-conditioning chambers are used to pre-cool the samples before moving into the testing machine for increased productivity.
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